Feb 16, 2008

Bradley's Silence

A few months ago I posted a critique of Elder Lasserre Bradley's "write up" of his participation in the 300th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Association, held last year in Charleston, S.C. I left him a comment on his church's web site ("Cincinnati Primitive Baptist Church"), on Elder Bradley's blog, where he first posted his "write up."

Since then he has gone private, so that only those who are "approved" in advance can even read the blog, to say nothing about commenting upon it!

I wrote in the very earliest chapters of this book how one evidence that a group is a cult is its tendency to "go underground," to become secretive, and this seems to still be the case.

But, I will have more to say about Elder Bradley and his impact upon the "Primitive Baptist Church" in future chapters.

Feb 15, 2008

On Eldership Rule

I have been busy the past couple months with some of my other writings, particularly in "My Daily Bread" (see link), a devotional and bible study book that I will have completed in June, and will spend the summer editing in preparation for publishing. It is hoped that this book will be beneficial for individual daily devotion and bible study, throughout the year, as well as a handbook for Sunday School teachers and pastors who may use the material in preparing lessons and sermons.

I hope to get back in earnest now with my writings in my book on "The Hardshell Baptist Cult" and publish some chapters very soon.

I also plan to start writing chapters on some issues confronting Southern Baptists, particularly regarding those who are attempting to implement "elder rule" and "reformed" doctrine on ecclesiology and soteriology into the Baptist church, and against Ernest Reisinger's movement and model on how to implement such "quiet reforms" into Baptist churches without them realizing it.

Brother Bob Ross is also writing some articles on the same topic and posting them on the Calvinist Flyswatter.


Stay tuned!