Apr 28, 2009

Hyper Calvinism's Regeneration

Alexander Campbell wrote:

"Certain Baptists have, I know, in former times, first propounded a theory of antecedent regenerationbefore faith, repentance, and baptism. This, indeed, we have deemed, and do think equally unchristian and unreasonable. That a man is regenerated without, and independent of, the knowledge of God, of Christ, or of the Holy Spirit, without hearing or believing the word, was once a dogma of a sect of hyper-Calvinists known to history. But I presume that sect, or schism, is not now known in Kentucky. The know nothing, believe nothing, and do nothing regenerated Baptists, have, if I mistake not, vanished away from both Virginia and Kentucky, within the memory of some living men. And certainly Mr. Ford will as cordially non-fellowship them as his humble servant would, if, indeed, he could be introduced to any such ultra oxygenated hyper-Augustinian rantists or Baptists."

The Millennial Harbinger By Alexander Campbell, William Kimbrough Pendleton, Charles Louis Loos

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Was Campbell in error to consider the born again before faith error a part of "Hyper Calvinism"? Or, was he correct? Is a denial of means in regeneration an element of Hyper Calvinism? I believe it is and I agree with Campbell that this denial of regeneration by means of the truth is a foundation stone in the Hyper Calvinistic system.

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