Apr 8, 2009

Campbell on Fuller's Ordo

Here is a citation where Alexander Campbell attacked the "ordo salutis" or Andrew Fuller, in his putting regeneration prior to faith. Campbell wrote much on this topic and much against the views of Fuller.

Campbell wrote:

"Do you mean, with Andrew Fuller, that the Spirit which first gives you life, quickens you without the word? Then I ask you two questions: First, Does it use any means? If you say, No: then you contradict universal analogy as well as the oracle of God: for the Spirit was to speak of Christ in doing its work. If you say it uses any means to quicken you, then those means are the principle of life. But then I ask, Have you not, in supposing life infused without the gospel by any other means, deprived the gospel of its character as the word of life--as the living word--as living, and powerful, and effectual--as the incorruptible seed?"

Millenial Harbinger - MONDAY, FEBRUARY, 1, 1830

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