Apr 28, 2009

Hyper Calvinism's Regeneration III

In a book titled "Discourses on the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit; divine influence and its connexion with instituted means: divine influence and its connexion with instituted means," written by William Orme and published in 1828 from Oxford University, the writer says:

"By the other class of persons, who separate the influence and the means from each other, I intend chiefly the disciples of the hyper-Calvinistic school; though among many who do not go all lengths with these high-flyers, there is a great deal of loose and confused thinking on this subject. How often do we hear such expressions as—"Ah, we are poor creatures, we can do nothing till God's time come.—Such a one has been waiting many years by the pool of ordinances, the angel will descend and trouble the waters by and by.—Till the day of Christ's power come, nothing can avail." The most careless observer of what passes in the religious world, must be sensible of the extent to which this language prevails, and of the soothing influence which it appears to have on the conscience. It is very desirable that we should be deeply convinced of our entire dependence on God for every good thing ; but if we exercise that dependence at the expense of using our faculties, or attending to the plain injunctions of his holy- word, we are deceiving ourselves. If the former class of persons betray ignorance of their own character and circumstances, the latter discover no less ignorance of the character of God, and of his method of treating men." (pg. 232)

See here

Here is another witness from the 19th century where the born again before faith error is identified with Hyper Calvinism.

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