Apr 7, 2009

Hyperism & False Dichotomy

Conversion, says the "Reformed" or "Hybrid" ("Hyper") Calvinist, is the act of the regenerated sinner, but regeneration is the act of God. He thus makes both conversion and regeneration to be either an act of God or of a sinner, regenerate or unregenerate, and excludes the idea that they can be both.

The logic of these misguided Calvinists has led them to make distinctions where they ought not, and to make a thing an "either or" case when they ought not.

If we are to accept this twisted Hyperistic "logic" of some extreme Calvinists, then we cannot say that regeneration is, in any sense, an act of the sinner, nor that conversion is, in any sense, an act of God! Gross scriptural and logical absurdities!

Truly this twisted logic of the Hybrid Calvinists, who insist that regeneration precedes, and is separate and distinct from, conversion, and that regeneration precedes faith, has caused them many difficulties, scripturally and logically, such as their setting up such false dichotomies and imaginary dilemmas. It makes one think of the proverb that speaks of "the legs of the lame not being equal."

Was the coming to life of Lazarus an act of God or an act of Lazarus?

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