Apr 5, 2009

Norris & KJV-only Claims

Pastor Bruce Oyen sends us this good article on the KJV.

There are many good things about Rick Norris's excellent book, THE UNBOUND SCRIPTURES: A Review Of KJV-only Claims and Publications. One of them is his point about what he calls "the mystical view of Bible translation," which is a section of chapter 12 of his book. Some of this section is reproduced here.

By Rick Norris

"While some statements by some KJV-only advocates implied a mechanical view of Bible translation, other statements suggest what could be described as a mystical view. A mystical view of translation would be one that claims that a translation is inspired when or if the reader or hearer feels or experiences something from reading or hearing it. A mystical view of translation would seem to reside in the individual reader or hearer's opinion of the the particular translation that he is reading or hearing. Such a view implies that a translation is not the true Word of God if the reader or hearer is not moved by it."

Norris also wrote, "While KJV-only advocates correctly reject the mystical view of inspiration, do they as strongly reject a mystical view of translation? A mystical view of translation makes man or his experience the authority. Do not some of the statements of some KJV-only advocates imply that they only acknowledge as from God the one translation that touches their own hearts? Since they believe that no modern English translation can deliver God's Word to their hearts, their self-fulfilling mystical prediction comes true."

Norris then gave examples of this mysticism from the well-known KJV-only authors Gail Riplinger, Mickey Carter, William Grady, Hugh Pyle, D. A. Waite, Ian Paisley, and Bruce Cummons.

The author concluded this section with several good points. Here are the last two sentences of the chapter: "Perhaps their zeal for their own KJV-only view has led them to make some statements whose logical implications they have not considered. Hopefully, most KJV-only advocates would reject a mystical view of translation just as they reject a mystical view of inspiration."


Kilsally said...

Ian Paisley is not a KJV-only advocate rather he is of the opinion it is the best and preferred translation

Anonymous said...

It is the source of these so called bibles that is the problem. The underlying Greek text came from various men from the pagan university in Alexadria.This is where the KJ text (the majority text ot textus receptus)was changed to suit their pagan beliefs. As new "bibles" continue to flood the market, these perversions are coming out more and more. The last one will be perfectly suited for the antichrist to use to finish deluding the people.We all need to wake up to the angel of light!!!