Apr 25, 2009

Carson on Regeneration II

Here are some additional citations from Dr. Carson showing he believed in regeneration by means and that sinners are begotten by faith. Carson also may be called a Calvinist. (emphasis mine - SG)

"The power of God is manifested by bringing to spiritual life those who are spiritually dead. All men are by nature dead in sin. Spiritual life is as immediately the effect of Divine power as is natural life. "And you hath he quickened who were dead in trespasses and sins." Babbling smatterers in philosophy may refer to the science of mind, and, on the authority of metaphysics, explain away the clearest attestation of the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures, they tell us, cannot contradict sound philosophy, and the doctrines of the Holy Spirit are made to conform to those of the schools. Down, vile impostor! dost thou pretend to know more of the mind of man than does its Creator?

As it is the power of God that brings to life the spiritually dead, so it is the Gospel, testifying of Jesus, that is always the means of communicating this life. By his word the Almighty power of the Son of God made the world: by his word he new-creates his peculiar people. He spake, and all things started into existence: he called for light, and light shined out of darkness. He speaks in the Gospel, and the dead awake and rise. He shines into the heart, and the most ignorant of savages obtains the knowledge of God, which is life and salvation. In creation he gives men the light of reason: in redemption he gives them the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in his own character. So profound is the sleep of spiritual death, that if all the angels of heaven were to address sinners they would not awake. Nothing but the power that awakened Lazarus in the grave can awake dead sinners. The Gospel, then, is the power of God to salvation to every one who believeth."

In chapter "Power of God displayed in the Gospel" (pg. 128)

The works of ... Alexander Carson
By Alexander Carson
Published 1863

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