Jan 19, 2011

Work on the Weak Brothers

I am planning to continue my writings on "the weak brothers" of I Corinthians eight. I am now working on editing the previous chapters published. Once this is done I plan to begin publishing new chapters, completing my examination of the subject from the Corinthian epistles and then beginning a look at Romans 14 where again the "weak" are a topic of Paul's writings.

I want to refer any interested readers to a writing by Dr. Mark Nanos (2008) who shares my view on the topic. In his work - "The Polytheist Identity of the 'Weak,' And Paul's Strategy to 'Gain' Them: A New Reading of 1 Corinthians 8:1—11:1," Dr. Nanos takes the same view as I do in this treatise. His treatise is available on the internet at


I came to see the error of the majority several years ago. In a debate I had with Pat Donahue, over three years ago, I Corinthians 8 became a point of contention between us. I argued, in that debate, how the "weak" were not Christians, but pagans.

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