Jun 22, 2011

The "Old Baptist" - A New Blog


I have started, together with Elders Kevin Fralick (Florida) and Brad Whitley (North Carolina), former "Primitive" or "Hardshell" Baptists, a blog called the "Old Baptist." This is what we three authors of the blog consider ourselves to be. We are not "Primitive" but "old" or original Baptists, believing that those today who call themselves "primitive," or "old," are not really so in fact, but are imposters, but are rather a new or novel denomination of Baptists. Brother Kevin and Brad have come to see the errors of the Hardshells regarding "Spirit alone" (anti-means) position, and of their other errors, relating to perseverence, missions, education, etc.

In this blog we will be writing articles which show how the "primitives" or "hardshells," are against both scripture and Baptist history as regards their novel doctrines. The blog is at this address


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Brad Whitley said...

Please remove me from this. Personal and Private reasons. Thanks for doing that. I don't wish to write or comment. I need to take care of me and mine right now.

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