Jul 14, 2011

Online Debate on Hardshellism

Over the past couple weeks I have been blog debating with a Hardshell "apologist" by the name of Jason Brown from Oklahoma. He started his blog, called the Primitive Baptist Apologist - see here, for the sole purpose of answering my writings against Hardshellism.

You can read the unedited chapters of my book on "The Hardshell Baptist Cult" here. I have eighty six chapters written and plan to write additional chapters.

I have also written a good many articles in the Baptist Gadfly blog against Hardshellism and Hyper Calvinism. I have also recently written several articles in the new blog, "The Old Baptist," that I began with former Hardshell Kevin Fralick, here, and this is where I have been posting my rebuttals to apologist Brown's rebuttals.

I have been trying to get the Hardshells to debate since the early 90s and have had no takers. I credit Jason for being willing to do so. I don't know anything about Jason. I don't know if he is a member or elder in the "Primitive Baptist Church," or what faction he endorses. As far as I know he could be using a pseudonym or pen name. If one checks his blogger profile he will find no information about him. Perhaps he will tell us something about himself and his standing in the Hardshell church, seeing he has come forward to speak for them?

I hope all who are interested in the "Old Baptist" faith will want to read our debate postings.

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