Mar 2, 2012

R. B. C. Howell on Hardshellism

Dr. Howell was the first president of the Southern Baptist Convention and was an ardent opposer of both Campbellism and Hardshellism.

Howell wrote, in his paper, "The Baptist," these able comments:

"I was eight years pastor of the Baptist Church in Norfolk Virginia. The Churches, and brethren there, are all predestinarian, and all missionary. The doctrine of predestination is missionary doctrine. If God carries on his work by means—in other words, if he accomplishes his purposes by instrumentalities—and you believe he does—then the purposes are the doctrine, and the missionary labors are the means, or instrumentalities. The true doctrine of predestination is one thing; and the antinomian doctrine, preached by many, and called predestination, is another, and a very different thing. Antinomianism discards the use and efficacy of means, and leads men to oppose missions; but predestination teaches men the right use and value of means, and leads them to embrace missionary principles." (pg. 137 - see here)

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