Sep 22, 2012

A Good Arminian Brother

I enjoy reading several Arminian writers and one of my favorite is brother Roy Ingle of Arminian Today.  Though he and I disagree on several things, we follow each other's web pages.  I love his spirit and passion for Jesus and the Gospel.  Often his writings provoke me in a positive way. 

Too many of my Calvinist brothers think that they can have no fellowship with, or learn anything from, their Arminian brothers.  But, I disagree.  None of us have all the answers, and if the truth be known, all of us come short of knowing all the truth. 

I do not believe that finding Calvinism is the same as finding the pearl of great price.  Calvinism is not the Gospel, but neither is Arminianism. 

I recommend all to read brother Roy's writings.

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