Mar 22, 2016

Comforting Songs Regarding Father's Blessed State

I played the following song "Can't Sit Down" to bring comfort to my sister and her husband, as well as myself, Saturday evening after father's funeral. I believe that dad is walking about heaven this very moment, having the "time of his life."

"Can't Sit Down" (you have to go to the 300 mark on the video to get to this song)

Not only did my sister and her husband enjoy the song, but it gave me the opportunity to speak of the joys of heaven that dad is enjoying. Further, Wade and Julia Mainer look like "old Baptists." lol

For another good song titled "Joy of Heaven", and sung by the old time Chuck Wagon Gang, which also tells of the happiness of Elder Eddie Garrett Sr. at this moment and forever, is soul cheering.

And, finally, this song has always brought me hope and joy titled "Heaven's Joy Awaits".

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