Jun 30, 2016

Spilsbury, Knollys, Keach on Ordo Salutis

Hanserd Knollys (1599-1691) wrote:

"Thus being by the Spirit and Faith united with Christ, we are made a new creature, or creation, have a new heart, and walk in newnesse of life." 

Clearly Knollys did not put faith after regenerationUnion with Christ, by faith, preceded all other blessings of salvation.

He also wrote:

"Our union by Faith, the Pardon of sin, our Reconciliation with God, the sanctification of our hearts and lives, our peace of conscience, and the Salvation of our Souls, are the Benefits of our Redemption by Christ, I Cor. 1: 30. These are as a Cluster of Camphire, full of divine virture, and spiritual sweetness unto believers, when they can apply these benefits unto themselves by Faith." (Song of Solomon) (SEE HERE)

John Spilsbury (1593-1668) was also, like Knollys, a major leader of the English Particular Baptists and signer of the first London Baptist Confession of Faith. He wrote:

"I believe that God of his grace, in his own time, effectually calls such as shall be saved to the knowledge of the truth, who is said, of his own will to beget us by the word of truth: in which work of grace, nature is as passive, as a child in the parents begetting of it; and so God by His Spirit works faith in the hearts of all such to believe in Christ, and his righteousness, only for justification. And thus they are made righteous before God in Christ, and so conformable to the will of God the Father through the Son; and also made holy through the work of regeneration, and the holy Spirit of grace dwelling in them; yet all such have still, as long as they live here in the flesh, remaining in them, an old man, that original corruption, the flesh that wars against the spirit, which hinders them in their obedience both to God and to man, and many times draws them to that which is evil, and contrary to their intentions; yet all of them shall through Christ overcome, and safely be brought to glory at last." (emphasis mine) (SEE HERE)

Wrote Benjamin Keach (1640-1704):

"1. Gospel grace is glorious, because, when received in truth, it delivers the soul from bondage, it breaks the bonds. For the soul is not set at liberty by the mere shedding of Christ's blood, without the application of it by the Spirit or infusion of grace into the heart.

2. The Gospel through the grace of it when received in truthopens blind eyes, it makes them see, that never saw, in a spiritual sense, before; it opens their eyes that were born blind; how blind was Saul till the Gospel grace shone upon him, or rather in him?

3. The Gospel through the grace of it, when received in truthraises the dead soul to life. It is hereby we come to be quickened, the flesh profiteth nothing, it is the Spirit that quickeneth; that is, the human nature without the divine cannot accomplish salvation for us; nor shall any soul receive any saving benefit by the flesh, or death of Christ, unless he be quickened by the Spirit.

4. The Gospel in the grace of it, when received in truth, casts out that cursed enmity that is in the heart against God, and thereby reconciles the sinner to the blessed Majesty of heaven.

5. The grace of the Gospel works regeneration, makes the sinner another man, a new man. It forms the new creature in the soul.

The Gospel is glorious in respect of the tenders and offers made therein to the sons of men." (SEE HERE)

Thus, Garrett's ordo salutis is the same as these great old Baptists.

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