Aug 23, 2016

Born Again by Faith - Keach

The great particular Baptist, Benjamin Keach, was not such a kind of "Calvinist" as we have today where the idea of being born again by faith is rejected, and in its place is put the "born again before faith" idea. In this citation from Keach, we see that though he was a Calvinist, yet he taught, like Abraham Booth, that men are begotten by faith. He wrote:

"The Saints by their being begotten of God, through faith, in a mystical sort, are partakers of the divine nature." (SEE HERE)

I wish today's non Calvinists would quit saying that "Calvinists" believe men are "born again before faith." Such citations from men like Keach should teach them that not all Calvinists teach the born again before faith error, as do the Hyper leaning Calvinists.

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