Feb 2, 2017

Fake News

There is much talk today about "fake news." Though some try to define "fake news" in unusual ways, it is generally conceded that "fake" news is simply "false" or incorrect news. Something is put out as fact which in fact (pun intended) is not fact. I would just like to add these thoughts to the subject.

Can we agree that there is "fake gospel"? Gospel is news, good news, factual news. But, have not many perverted the Gospel and turned it into fake Gospel?

Can we agree that "Evolution" is "fake science" or "science falsely so called"? (I Tim. 6: 20 kjv) Does the Bible not teach Devolution rather than Evolution? Are archaeologists not uncovering new evidences today, in addition to megalithic structures like the Great Pyramid, that show that the world in the distant past had as great, or greater, scientific and technical knowledge as it does today?

Can we agree that history books are filled with "fake history"? "Revisionist histories"?

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