Jan 15, 2009

Confessed Hyper Calvinists

A Hardshell wrote:

"However, we are hyper-Calvinists regarding salvation, for we teach regeneration before faith, a different purpose for faith and the gospel, and the definite possibility of God’s elect backsliding into sin and having their faith overthrown (but not losing eternal life)." (emphasis mine - SG)

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Another Hardshell wrote:

"It will not be necessary for many of our readers to be introduced to the writer in the general framework of that faith commonly termed “hardshell.” To others, it seems only fair to say the writer does not come to this unbiblical term without a certain amount of bias. He has not always been so classified, but was first accused of “preaching hardshellism” when it became known in the “New Testament”, or Sovereign Grace churches that he preached that one had to first have an impartation of spiritual life in order to effectually and spiritually hear and believe the Gospel of the salvation which is in Christ Jesus."

"In the past few months a new term has been introduced. Only time will tell if it becomes permanent. The term is “New Hardshellism.” It is well when a new term is coined that it should be more accurate than the old term which it replaces. The author of the new term gave its definition as being the same as “Old Hardshellism” except that it referred to those free grace Missionaries who believe (as the “Old Hardshells”) that regeneration was by the Spirit without the means of the gospel. This writer begs to differ, based upon the true origin of what is being called “Old Hardshellism.” Old “hardshellism” was applied to the defenders of Particular Redemption and Limited Atonement of Christ for the elect only. It did not involve the doctrine of Holy Spirit regeneration, per se, for even the New School party gave lip service to this truth for a time."

("WHAT IS “HARDSHELLISM”?" By S.C. Phillips)

(emphasis mine - SG)

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Many of today's neo Hardshells, those who call themselves "reformed," and who promote the false idea that men are born again before they are converted, or made believers and disciples, will not admit that they are Hyper Calvinists, even though, as I have often demonstrated, "the shoe fits."

No one wants to be labeled as a "Hyperist." No one wants to admit that their theology and soteriology warrants the label. Some who are thought of as being "Hyper" will even be heard to ask - "are there really any Hyper Calvinists around?"

Well, yes, they are still all around. Few, like the Hardshells cited above, however, will "shell down the corn" and just admit that they are "Hyperists."

Phil Johnson said, in his Primer on Hyper Calvinism, that it "comes in several flavors, so it admits no simple, pithy definition."

He also spoke of "extreme varieties of hyper-Calvinism" and "ultra-high Calvinism" and "modern Hyper Calvinist."

Does he mean the same thing as I do when I say "neo Hyper Calvinist"? And, when I say "neo Reformed"? And, when I say "neo Hardshell"?

He also wrote:

"Hyper-Calvinism is sometimes defined as the view that God will save the elect apart from any means. Some, but very few, modern hyper-Calvinists hold such an extreme view. Those who do hold this view oppose all forms of evangelism and preaching to the unsaved, because they believe God will save whomever He chooses, apart from human means...Another common but incorrect definition equates hyper-Calvinism with fatalism."

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Thus, it is clear that an integral part of historic Hyper Calvinism is the denial that the gospel is a means or instrument in the new birth, or in regeneration. Those who promote the "born again before faith" error are guilty of denying means in the new birth. They are therefore to be properly labeled as "Hyper Calvinists."

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