Jan 20, 2009

Dr. Watson on Missions

Wrote Dr. Watson in "The Old Baptist Test":

"I will also close my fanciful sketch of realities, and entertain the fact that we are the Old Order of Baptists of the nineteenth century, justly chargeable with the deviations acknowledged, looking prayerfully and hopefully for their correction by the word of the Lord, and the light of grace in the hearts of our brethren." (Page 182)

"The manner of these reforms is now open for discussion, and I suggest that it be carried on in the Herald of Truth." (Page 183)

From his "Autobiography"

"Who can blame me for having zealously and faithfully opposed arminianism through the whole course of my ministry." (Page 30)

"I was received into an Old Baptist Church, at this place, known by the name of Wilson’s Creek Church." (1825,1826? – page 31)

Note: I have been to this old church and preached in churches pastored by old Elder John Watson. SG

"While on the subject of my ministry I will state, that my health is at this time, June, 1866, very bad; my physicians are very doubtful of my recovery; in fact, I am afraid I shall not live long enough to supervise the printing of this work..." (Page 40)

"Their non-participation in Missionary societies is every where spoken against, and constitutes, in the estimation of all other denominations, the greatest of all objections to them."

"The commandment to preach the Gospel to every creature is plain and undeniable. But this commandment was given to individuals, and not to the Church generally. But where is the scriptural authority to institute a society collaterally with the Church for carrying out this broad commandment? We affirm and maintain that He, who gave the commandment likewise devised the plan for its execution. This plan is revealed in the New Testament; and is yet binding on all who profess to be governed by divine truth. The old order of Baptists contend that it is yet in force..." (Pages 218,219)

"The Church should certainly give her fellowship, her oversight and assistance to all and every one who may profess a call to preach for heathen or others." (Page 224)

Note: Here Dr. Watson seems to contradict himself, intimating that the church is not generally given the commission, it being given to "individuals," but then says that the church should supervise all missionary activity.

"It was truly a bad omen when none were willing to go on the Lord’s plan, to those countries where the Roman Catholics propagated their Gospel, on their Missionary plan." (Ibid)

"The most favorable sign for the Heathen would be to have the Gospel carried to them by men who were willing to preach to, and labor among them, in the manner which the New Testament enjoins; and the most unfavorable, to behold it going forth in the ways of human devices." (Page 227)

"Our Missionary brethren cannot carry out their plans of preaching without some of these hurtful adjuncts. These have divided us, and but for them, we might now have been united doctrinally and practically in the Church of God, wherein all Christians may unite, and maintain the doctrine, ordinances and commandments of the Lord free from interference of human institutions. Will our Missionary brethren meet us there?" (Ibid)

"Further, I was much surprised as well as mortified that they ("ultra brethren") evinced so little concern about the unbrought "other sheep" which the Saviour said he must bring. They lay great stress on these words of the Saviour, but do not regard other things which he connected with the bringing them in as they ought to do. I heard but few prayers for the sending forth of laborers into his field; nor did I see much concern in any way about them." (Page 181)

"I felt inclined to ask these orthodox christians, if they believed that any of the "other sheep" are now among the heathen nations? And if they were watching the providence of God in regard to them? Moreover, if they felt under any obligations to search them out; to pray unto the Lord to bring them in; and to encourage, aid and send out any who may feel called of the Lord to preach to them? I find that the great extravagance of many who have engaged in this work has had a very bad influence on these people, and probably prevented them in some instances from performing their duty toward the "other sheep" which may be in distant countries. And I really fear should any one profess a call of this kind, he would not receive the fellowship and assistance which he would be entitled to. Thus I fear they do not act as did those who heeded all the commandments of the Lord." (Page 181,182)

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