Jun 30, 2009


What I have accomplished in the past three years.

1. Eighty nine chapters in my book "The Hardshell Baptist Cult." I have about half of this lengthy book completed and hope to complete it in the next year.

2. An entire year of "Daily Bread" entries. This book has a daily Bible study entry. I have started working on adding an entry to each day so that there are two studies or devotions for each day, a "morning and evening," as it were.

3. Various postings in my Campbellism blog on the history of Campbellism.

4. Began work on my book "The Ordo Salutis Debate." Although I do not have any chapter published as yet, some are in draft form and it is my hope that I can finish this writing over the next year.

5. Began work on my book "Job's Theology." I have already published four chapters and plan to finish this book also over the next year.

6. I am also hoping to put together my writings, with additions, on the "Doctrine of the Second Coming," also over the next year.

7. I am also working on my book "Old Wine in New Bottles." Again, I have much work done on this book but it has taken a "back seat" to the other writings.

In addition to all these writings, I haved posted numerous other writings, some in "series," on various topics, such as on the canonicity of the Book of Esther, and on "elder rule," and on "Peter the Rock."

I have had one public oral debate during the past three years and have another scheduled for August of this year. The one two years ago was with a "Church of Christ" evangelist on unconditional election and eternal security. The upcoming one in August will be on whether one is pardoned at the point of faith or baptism.

I have, in the Gadfly, posted nearly a thousand entries.

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