Jun 30, 2009

Where are the Hardshells?

When I first began this blog, I used it primarily for posting my chapters for the book "The Hardshell Baptist Cult." (Note: I have since created a separate blog - "Hardshellism" - where I have put all published chapters and where I will be posting future chapters)

Over the first few months of publishing the early chapters of this book, I had several Hardshell "elders" leave comments. Slowly, the comments from the Hardshells dwindled so that now none of them comment (or otherwise let me know they are reading). What has happened to them? Is it not because their errors, both historical and biblical, have been totally refuted?

How could they possibly, for instance, deny that I completely overthrew their claim to John Gill as respecting "means" in regeneration?

One Hardshell elder thought he might be able to find a Hardshell elder to debate Hardshellism. But, so far, nothing but silence.

But, this is really nothing new. Bob Ross and I, when we first began, in the early 90's to write against the Hardshells (and made TV videos also), would have Hardshells call, write, or otherwise ask us - "what has gotten you upset with us?" (paraphrasing) We asked them to come and debate their novel views, and debate the question "who are the real Primitive or Old Baptists?" Again, they have all run and hid themselves.

Will things change? We will see.

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