Jul 26, 2009

Dr. Trader on Faith & Rebirth

My Internet friend and Southern Baptist pastor, Dr. Richard Trader, who has been a reader and commenter here for a long time, has written a good article defending the historic view of Baptists regarding faith as a means in regeneration. I encourage all to read his article.

See here


Dr. Trader said...


I appreciate your teaching to
correct those who believe in
"pre-faith regeneration". You
have been scriptural and clear
in exposing the error.

Clarifying Spurgeon's view has
been most helpful. Those who
have tried to describe Spurgeon
as teaching "pre-faith regeneration" are wrong.

The soul-winner needs to understand
plain Bible teaching on this subject.

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Dr. Trader:

Thank you.

Your own article is also clear, as are the scriptures, on this point. I appreciate your stand on this.