Jul 26, 2009

Representative Baptists on the Ordo

Representative Calvinistic Baptists on being born again by faith.

Abraham Booth said:

"...the page of inspiration does not warrant our supposing, that any one is born of God, before he believe in Jesus Christ."

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Spurgeon endorsed these words of Booth.

Spurgeon himself said, in commenting upon John 1: 10-13:

"...believers are “born again” and receive Christ through faith..."

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In 1861 Spurgeon endorsed in full the writings of John Stock in Stock's book "A handbook of revealed theology," and in this book Stock clearly avows what Booth had avowed. Stock affirmed that men are born again by faith.

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Alexander Carson wrote:

"We are regenerated by faith, and not by the rite of baptism. Baptism is an emblem of this washing and regeneration." (Baptism in its mode and subjects By Alexander Carson - pg. 478-79)

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Benjamin Keach wrote:

"The Gospel through the grace of it, when received in truth, raises the dead soul to life."

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