Feb 27, 2012

Debate Announcement

I will, the Lord willing, be holding my second debate with Bruce Reeves of the "Church of Christ" in Conway, Arkansas.  A year and a half ago we had a four night debate here in Monroe on the topic of election.  I affirmed unconditional election of individuals and Bruce affirmed a confitional election of the church as a group ('corporate election').  You can listen to it on the web site for the church in Conway.  The dates for our second debate are July 23, 24, 26, 27.  It will be held at the 46th street Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

The propositions are (Monday and Tuesday nights):

"The scriptures teach that it is impossible for the child of God, one born again, to sin so as to be eternally lost."

Affirm: Stephen Garrett
Deny: Bruce Reeves

Thursday and Friday Nights

"The scriptures teach that it is possible for the child of God, one born again, to sin so as to be eternally lost."

Affirm: Bruce Reeves
Deny: Stephen Garrett


Bruce Oyen said...

Stephen, have you debated this man on their false doctrine of salvation at the time of baptism?

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Bruce:

I have not, although I have debated the baptism issue with others in the CofC.



Bruce Oyen said...

I'm sure you did a good job of it, Stephen. Please consider posting those transcripts. No doubt many of us would find them interesting and helpful. It would be good for us to be able to tell others to look at them. One Church Of Chrsit preacher told me many of their converts come from the Baptists.That shows we don't do a good job of teaching our people about these subjects.