Feb 29, 2012

Graves on Ordo Salutis

Dr. J. R. Graves wrote (emphasis mine):

"I have no language in which to express my utter abhorrence to, and repudiation of these popish doctrines of sacramental efficacy and ritual regeneration and salvation." -- Iron Wheel, p. 415.

Commenting on the word of Jesus -- he that believeth hath eternal life -- he says: --

"This means [that] the moment one truly believes on Christ he passes from a state of death unto life that is everlasting life -- from a state of condemnation to a state of justification -- such an one must be a saved man the moment he believes." "Saved for ever and ever" (Ibid. 516)."

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Life, Times and Teachings of J. R. Graves
by Samuel H. Ford, 1899
Chapter 3

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