May 15, 2009

99% By Faith?

Below is a list of words demonstrating what part of the Christian experience is "by faith" and what is "NOT by faith" according to those Hyperists and "Reformed" Calvinists who say that regeneration (new birth) is before faith (conversion) and that the "first stage" of "regeneration" is by the direct power of God without the means of the word of God. Representatives of this view today are men such as James White, R.C. Sproul, Ligon Duncan III, John Hendryx, Tom and Bill Ascol, Tom Nettles, Wayne Grudem, Robert Reymond, etc. All these men will affirm that sinners experience all the things (terms) mentioned in the first list "by faith." However, they deny that sinners experience the things mentioned in the second list which are "NOT by faith."

A review of the length of each list and a comparison of the terms used to denote what is the result of faith versus what is not the result of faith shows that these Hyperist Calvinists believe that nearly all (99%) of the leading terms used to describe the Christian experience of salvation, in all its aspects, is "by faith" and leave only 1% to be Not "by faith." Isn't that interesting and revealing?

By Faith

1. Saved by faith
2. Sanctified (cleansed) by faith
3. Justified (forgiven and pardoned) by faith
4. Adopted by faith
5. Sealed by faith
6. Received the Spirit by faith
7. Renewed by faith
8. Converted by faith
9. Forgiven (pardoned) by faith
10. Become children of God by faith
11. Joined to Christ (union) by faith
12. Living by faith
13. Kept by faith
14. Joy and peace by faith
15. Enter the kingdom of God by faith
16. Obtain eternal life by faith
17. Inherit the promises by faith

Not By Faith

1. Not quickened (made alive or resurrected) by faith
2. Nor regenerated (born again) by faith

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The Seeking Disciple said...

Great point. It is hard to argue against the clear teaching of Scripture that regeneration comes through faith in Jesus Christ. The only possible way to ignore this is to do, as the hyper-Calvinists as you call them, have done and that is read into the texts using their Calvnisitic notions. While I understand the struggle to not do this, I can't help but see how blind these people are that God saves sinners who place their faith in His Son.