May 15, 2009

Inheriting the Promises By Faith

"That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises." (Hebrews 6: 12 KJV)

I do not exclude "regeneration" or being "born again" from being one of the promises included in "the promises." Yet, the "Reformed" or "Hyper" Calvinist who denies that men are born again by faith must logically exclude the new birth from "the promises." Since he denies that regeneration is "by faith" then he cannot, without contradiction, say that "the promises" above include regeneration, for if he does, then he cannot deny that it says that we inherit the promises, including the new birth, "by faith."

"Consistency thou art a jewel."


John said...

Does Ephesians 2:8 not say that faith is a gift?

Stephen Garrett said...

No, faith is not the gift of God in that passage. However, other passages do say that faith is God's gift.