Sep 27, 2009

Bruce Oyen on Lumpkin's Book

Having now read several chapters in Peter Lumpkin's 2009 book against booze, titled, "Alcohol Today: Abstinence In An Age Of Indulgence," published by Hannabal Books, I want to recommend it to others as a "must read" book.

Let me do so by quoting Jerry Vines's endorsement of the book. Vines was twice President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Vines wrote: "Dr. Peter Lumpkins has dropped a bombshell in the current climate of laxity relative to Christians and alcohol. This excellent book is a thorough, thoughtful, scholarly presentation of the arguments for total abstinence. Good scholarship relative to the total abstinence position is available, but much of it is from older writers. This current work will be a valuable resource for pastors and churches wanting to lift high the standards of holiness and right conduct among their members."

See it at The phone number is 1-800-747-0738. The books costs less than $20. It is 172 pages long.

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