Sep 14, 2009

Elder (Dr.) John M. Watson

Wrote Elder Watson:

"When the Holy Spirit testifies of Christ, then comes the efficiency of preaching. John 15: 26.

Paul, however, does not affirm, like some of our modern innovators, that means or instrumentalities are not employed by the Lord in the divine plan of salvation; for he asks: "How shall they hear without a preacher?" Rom. 10: 14. Paul, it is true, preached the Gospel in word only, while the election of God was manifested in the power and assurance of the Holy Spirit imparted to his words; when received by the elect which apart from that power and assurance would have veen received in word only, as it really was by others not embraced in the divine election. I Thess. 1: 4." ("Old Baptist Test," pages 399, 400)

I have recently challenged two Hardshell elders to debate the history and errors of Hardshellism. At least one of them has visited and commented here in the Gadfly. I have not heard back from them, nor do I expect to.

The above comments from John Watson, a leading figure after the division over missions and means, in the 1830's, in the Nashville, Tennessee area, and an opponent of M. C. Howell and the missionary Baptist Church there, is important historical evidence about "who are the Primitive Baptists?" Clearly, Dr. Watson said that the "anti-means" brethren were "modern innovators," teaching a "Spirit alone" view of "regeneration" which their forefathers did not teach. These brethren, who promoted the "novel" view that affirm "regeneration" before, apart from, or without the use of the means of the gospel, were inventors of new doctrine, and were "ultra" or "hyper" in their views, and certainly not "primitive" nor "original."

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