Nov 11, 2009


The following are questions I asked of John Gentry

1. When does a sinner become one of Christ's sheep?

2. Do any of Christ's sheep fail to follow the voice of the shepherd?

3. What does "cannot sin" mean in I John 3: 9?

4. Is a sinner who believes without a good and honest heart saved?

5. What thing separates a Christian from the love of God?

6. If a Christian loses salvation, how can it be said that "all things work together for his good"?

Second Night

1. Do any of the called and justified fail to be glorified?

2. Was the believer of John 12: 42 saved?

3. Which kind of soil would the believer of John 12: 42 represent?

4. Could any of those on the ship with Paul, in Acts 27, fail to obey the warning to abide in the ship? (vs. 31)

5. In light of II Timothy 4: 18, was there any chance that Paul would lose his salvation?

6. In light of Philippians 1: 6, does God ever begin a work of salvation in a sinner without completing it?

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