May 22, 2008

No Comments & Few Readers?

Recently I have noticed that a few bloggers have left nasty comments on the Calvinistflyswatter blog. Some of these comments were derogatory as respecting the lack of comments or readers that seem to visit the flyswatter. These nasty comments have come from those who promote the Hybrid Calvinism of those who preach regeneration before and without faith. I too have had a few of these kinds of comments.

I really appreciate Bob and Charles for not "rendering evil for evil."

How do these people know how many people read the flyswatter or my baptistgadfly blog? How can the number of comments be a proper indicator? Maybe they are saying things that are unrefutable?

Consider also that the flyswatter, like my own blog, is a newcomer on the block. I for one am not internet savvy to be able to insure that my blog comes up quickly when doing an internet search. I have not been going at it for twenty years or so, like the Founder's blog or Pyromaniacs, etc.

Consider also that the Hybrids seem to practice "black-balling," having their own "clique" and you must "pass muster" to get included as a "link" on their web sites. Considering how they promote one another, and themselves, seeking fame, it is no wonder they have more readers and comments.

Still, what difference does it make? Are we in a popularity contest?

The root word for "ignorance" is "ignore," and if folks want to ignore, or try to ignore the truth that is being sounded forth in the flyswatter and in the baptistgadfly, then go ahead.

Also, I find little grace in the comments by the Hybrids. I have said before, it is ironic that those who promote the doctrine of grace sometimes show so little of it towards others.

Why have I not gotten more comments from the Hardshells? Is it because they are not reading? Well, sure, many are not reading. But, my writings are available to any Hardshell who wants to read it and make comment. Also, many are reading. I get more private emails than I do public comment from them.

So, let us not be falsely interpreting what it may, or may not, mean for one not to have a lot of readers or comments.


ide said...


You said, "Also, I find little grace in the comments by the Hybrids. I have said before, it is ironic that those who promote the doctrine of grace sometimes show so little of it towards others."

Dr. Greg Welty, a Calvinist, recently lamented the manner in which some Calvinists conduct themselves online:

"To be quite frank, I’m sick and tired of my fellow five-point-Calvinists making fools of themselves on the internet by perpetually biting and devouring those who stand a fraction to their right or left on some issue-of-the-day, and do so using logical fallacies as their weapons. Every time they do this, it becomes a little harder for me to get my non-Calvinist students to consider Calvinism as a serious theological option (rather than a fringe group of angry teenagers). If you can so twist the words of your Christian brothers, why should anyone think you or those like you handle the interpretation of the Word of God any better?"

You are not alone.


Bob L. Ross said...


Thanks for the comment, Stephen.

The reason Hybrids don't like the Flyswatter is probably due to the fact they have never heard anyone expose Hybrid Calvinism, and they don't know how to take it.

The Hybrids give only two choices: (1) Arminianism, or (2) "Reformed" or Hybrid Calvinism.

There is a third choiced:

-- Bob L. Ross