Nov 28, 2008

40 Questions on Esther

1. Have you ever read the Book of Esther?
2. What was your first impression when reading it?
3. What lessons did you find in the reading?
4. What was the major theme of the book?
5. How many times have you re-read the Book of Esther?
6. How much has the Book of Esther been part of your meditations? (versus other books of the bible?)
7. How many sermons or bible study lessons have you heard on it?
8. What type of Hebrew Literature is it?
9. Who is the author of the Book?
10. Are there any memorable words in the Book?
11. Are there any oracles of God in the Book?
12. Are there any Messianic references or allusions in the Book?
13. Is there any instruction in righteousness in the Book?
14. Is there any reproof for sin in the Book?
15. Is there anything in the Book profitable for doctrine?
16. Is there anything in the Book to make a person wise unto salvation?
17. Is there any correction in the Book?
18. Does the Book have the words to perfect the man of faith?
19. Does the Book equip the man of God for good works?
20. Does the Book have historical or other errors?
21. Does the Book contradict itself?
22. Are there doubts about the inspiration of the Book? Or, is there universal agreement?
23. How does the Book measure up to the rules for judging inspiration?
24. What have the church fathers and leading apologists said of the Book?
25. Is the Book cited by Christ, another bible writer, or an apostle?
26. Is the feast of Purim of heaven or of men?
27. Is the feast of Purim an addition to the seven feasts of Yahweh as given by Moses?
28. How does the feast of Purim teach about redemption?
29. Did Jesus observe Purim as a religious observance?
30. Did Jesus countenance the general Jewish practice of Purim?
31. Did he participate in the carnivals and merrymaking?
32. Did the apostles and early Christian Jews participate in Purim?
33. Why did the Christian Jews in Qumran not recognize it?
34. Are the leading Hebrew characters in the Book examples of faith?
35. Was Esther an heroine of the faith? Was Mordecai a hero?
36. What are the godly characteristics of Esther? Of Mordecai?
37. What are the ungodly characteristics of each?
38. What is the setting or context of the story?
39. Does the Book edify and build me up in the most holy faith?
40. What was God's purpose in having this Book to be accepted as his inspired word?


Anonymous said...

With all due respect ... the Jews living at Qumran were not Christian (i.e., question #33). Although the absence of the Book of Esther at Qumran does raise some interesting questions, it is highly misleading to associate the Qumran community with the early Christian movement.

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear A:

I guess that depends on how a person, and more especially, how the scriptures define "Christian," correct?

Besides, this was only a question that readers should ask themselves, don't you think? I really did not give an answer, just made it one of the 40 questions that should be asked and addressed.

Yours truly,