Nov 2, 2008

New World Economic Order?

Under the coming rule of the AntiChrist, in the coming days of "the great tribulation," the nations of the world will be united in one world government.

Many of our Christian forefathers feared the creation of the "League of Nations" because they believed that the "uniting" of the governments of the world under one rule was an omen of apocalyptic disaster.

It was this view (prevalent in America in the days when President Wilson was using all his abilities to get the USA to vote herself into this "confederacy") this pervasive view of the Christian community, that defeated Wilson's plans.

The second attempt at a "world government" came at the close of the second world war, being the work of Roosevelt and Truman, together with the other leaders of the victorious nations. It was then finally successful, and this time called "The United Nations," rather than the "League of Nations." This world institution has continued with us till this hour, and has steadily increased its power and influence in the political machinations of world government.

There is unquestionably a Satanic conspiracy to bring about a "world government" of the highest order.

Satan has always had control of the world to some degree. That is why he is called the "god of this age" (II Cor. 4: 4 NIV), and the "prince of this world" (John 12: 31; 14: 30; 16: 11 NIV), and why he could, when he tempted Christ in the wilderness, offer rule over the governments of the world, saying "all these will I give you if you will fall down and worship me." (Matt. 4: 9 KJV) Yet, he is destined for greater control through "the son of perdition." (II Thess. 2: 3 KJV)

The Satanic conspirators of the "New World Order" have realized the near impossibility of "setting up" this "new world order" by a democratic vote of the people, at least of the American people. They realized the people must be forced or tricked into it.

Marxist-Socialism is a socio-economic theory with its general philosophy summed up in the motto - "each according to his abilities, each according to his need."

Marxist-Socialism is as much an "economic" theory as it is a "social" theory of community.

But, these penetrating questions must be asked.

Who decides the "abilites" and the "needs" of each? Who is the regulator and decider of such things in this system? Who controls the "wealth" or "means of production"?

Who controls the lives of the citizens? Who decides what is best for them? Who shall decide whether they live or die? Who judges whether they are aborted in the womb? Who decides whether they get needed surgery or medicine to live, or food to eat? Who decides what job or career they shall have, and how much money they will make?

In Marxist-Socialism, it is decided by "the goverment" or "ruling authorities." But, then, the questions become these.

How does one become part of the "ruling class"? And, How is power to rule obtained? Or, phrased in another way, how are rulers chosen? And, On what basis?

Satan wants this ultimate power over all. He wants to be the one all must depend upon.

Satan knows that if he can control who eats and prospers, and who lives or dies (See book of Job), then he has effectually usurped all earthly power, and has occupied the place of the God of providence.

The Apocalypse tells us of a time just before the return of Christ when all the nations of the world will be united under the one called "the beast." He will have complete and absolute economic control over the lives of all the earth's citizens, excepting faithful Christians.

The recent economic collapses of large banks and even some nations, and the news of others impending, is bringing about what has been recently called the "new world economic order."

Here are some news clips of recent events.

"Brown (Prime Minister Gordon Brown of UK) has attempted to win favor with Arab states by stressing they have not been represented enough on international bodies and promising them a seat at the table amid discussions by world leaders "grasping toward new world order."

"...a meeting of G-20 nations to hammer out potential reform of the global financial system to prevent a repeat of the current crisis, scheduled for November 15 in Washington D.C., which will also be attended by King Abdullah."

"They are getting each other on to the same page of analysis and the agreed response and Saudi Arabia's active participation in getting the world through this first financial crisis of the global age," Mandelson told reporters after Brown met with Abdullah. "But that is a process, not an event."

"Brown expects Saudi financial help."

By JANE WARDELL, AP Business Writer

Notice the words "this first financial crisis." It seems others are planned by Satan's conspirators. Events are transpiring fast, "speedily." Notice also how the recent financial collapses are not just singular events, not unforeseen by any, but are part of a planned "process" or scheduled order of events.

The call needs to go out for Christians and for all to "get ready," to make sure of their "calling" and "election." (II Peter 1: 10 KJV)

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