Nov 11, 2008

Political Prophecies

Who can read the prophecies of the bible and not see that they often deal with politics? With the goings on of the governments of the nations of the world? Who can deny that the prophets of the Old and New Testaments, yea, even Jesus himself, in talking about future events and of the impending days prior to his return, spoke of events that can only be categorized as political events?

Who can read the prophecies of Isaiah, and of the other "major prophets," and not see how the affairs of nations are the subject of their visions and prophecies? Yea, that even the fortunes of particular nations and leaders are foretold?

When Jesus revealed to his disciples the "signs of his coming" (in his famous prophetic sermon, the "Olivet Discouse," as preached on the apocalyptic significant site of the "Mount of Olives"), he gave to them various kinds of "signs." These may be divided into political, social (which includes the moral and cultural), economic, environmental (ecological), and religious spheres. The latter would include the faithful church of Christ versus the apostate ones, and also include non Christian religions, and certainly the religion of "Antichrist."

In this discourse Jesus said - "Behold the fig tree, and all the trees." (Luke 21: 29 KJV)

The nation of Israel represents "the fig tree" while "all the trees" speaks of the other nations, or the "Gentile nations." So, in other words, Christ is saying to us - "Behold the nation of Israel (prophetically) and all the nations."

Political signs! Political prophecies!

Do we find the prophets and the apostles also speaking of these political signs?

"Nation shall rise against nation" is a political sign foremost. The coming and career of the "Antichrist" is spoken of in context of political rule.

I had an Amillenialist once ask me if I needed to read the newspaper to discern the soon coming of the Lord, thinking his question would make me take the affirmative and lead me into what he thought was an absurdity. But, if reading the newspaper, or listening to the report of news (of what we might call "history in the making"), inform us of ominous events that the Lord and his prophets and apostles foretold, then yes, these media serve as means to make us aware of cataclysmic and apocalyptic events. We must remember Jesus' use of the imperative word BEHOLD, which calls us to be astute political watchers and keep an eye on Israel and on all the other nations.

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