Nov 8, 2008

On Regeneration & Justification

Steve Hays of Pyromaniacs blog recently wrote:

"But regeneration is also necessary to justification inasmuch as saving faith is the result of regeneration, and justification is contingent on faith. The unregenerate cannot exercise saving faith.

Causally speaking, regeneration is directly related to sanctification, and indirectly related to justification."

This is the same type of soteriology that Steve Camp was promoting a month or so back and I challenged him on it. I have also written much about this crazy "ordo salutis." The very idea that a man can be "regenerated" and yet not have faith, or be not yet "justified," is ridiculous.

Let us ask these Hyper brethren about the supposed case of "regenerated infants." Do they go to heaven without faith and without justification?

The Hypers are fond of using the example of infants to prove that one can be "born again" apart from faith. But, will they also affirm that the "born again" infant was saved without faith and justification?

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