Mar 30, 2009

Facts About KJV

Facts About King James Of The King James Version
By Rick Norris

The following facts about King James of the King James Version are taken from chapte 3 of Rick Norris's book, THE UNBOUND SCRIPTURES (A review of KJV-only claims and publications).

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Rick Norris wrote:

"In his history of English Baptists published in 1871, J. J. Goadby described King James as 'the meanest and most despicable sovereign that ever held an English sceptre' (Bye-Paths in Baptist History, p. 80). He described how James I dealt roughly with Baptists. Another history of English Baptists by Thomas Crosby also told how King James and his state church persecuted Baptists with fines, imprisonments, dispossessions of property, beatings, expulsions, and even burning at the stake. S. H. Ford wrote that 'almost canonized head of the Episcopal Church (King James) thus, in the name of Christ, authorized poor Wightman's death' (Origin Of The Baptists, p. 21). Phil Stringer observed that Wightman was burned at the stake 'for declaring that baptism of infants was an abominable custom' or 'for being a Baptist' (Faithful Baptist Witness, p. 7). Cathcart's Baptist Encyclopedia noted that King James treated Baptists with 'royal barbarity' (p. 75). J. W. Griffith observed that King James and his government 'vigorously tried to prevent the preaching of Baptists, driving them into hiding, imprisoning their ministers and deacons and sometimes entire congregations, imposing enormous and ruinous fines on those arrested for unlawful assembly and preaching' (Manual Of Church History, III, p. 84). J. M. Cramp contended that Baptists suffered severely during the reign of James I ( Baptist History, p. 260). Timothy Fellows noted that the Puritans rejected the KJV 'because it was dedicated to a wicked king' ( God Hath Spoken, p. 130)."

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Pastor Bruce Oyen

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