Mar 9, 2009

Pentecostal Penitents

When were the Pentecostal Penitents "born again" and "regenerated"? When were they "converted" and "saved"? When were they "forgiven" of their sins? When was the blood of Christ applied to their minds and consciences?

Did they have faith before they repented? If so, what kind of faith was it? Were they born again and forgiven before they repented? Was the conviction of sin they experienced an evidence of salvation?

Were they lost in sin until they had, by faith, been baptized?

Does "for the remission of sins" modify a single clause or two clauses?

What is meant by either "repenting for remission" or "baptized for remission"?

Some Hardshells believe that those who were convicted of sins were regenerated even before this day.

Some other Hardshells believe that those convicted were regenerated that day by the preaching and that this conviction was an immediate effect of regeneration.

Some believe that those convicted were not regenerated, conviction not being, in itself, an evidence of regeneration, but were commanded to repent and be regenerated.

Some believe that those who were convicted, and who believed and repented, were nevertheless not regenerated or forgiven until they were baptized in water.

What is the correct teaching on these points? How and when were the Pentecostal converts regenerated and pardoned of sin?

I will be addressing these questions in the near future in several ways.

First, I will be dealing with these converts in an upcoming chapter in my book on the "Hardshell Baptist Cult," in the series "Hardshell Proof Texts."

Second, I will be making some other postings on these questions here in the Gadfly.

Third, I will be addressing these questions in my upcoming August debate (in Monroe, NC) on the necessity of water baptism for salvation.

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