Mar 2, 2009

Helps on Bible Metaphors

Brother Bruce Oyen sent me the following information which I am pleased to pass on to our readers.


I enjoyed your post on signs or the things signified by them. I recommend a very valuable book that has a thorough index of Biblical figures of speech, which, of course, relates to your subject. The book is called, THE NEW TREASURY OF SCRIPTURE KNOWLEDGE, edited by Jerome H. Smith, and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. It is a revised and expanded edition of the old Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge, and is much better than the old one.

Besides the index of Biblical figures of speech, these figures are identified in the text of the book itself, so that, when studying a passage, it identifies when one of these is used. This has proven very interesting and helpful to me. The book's index lists t least 180 of these, and many of them have several sub-points, so it is quite a wealth of info on this subject alone.



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