Mar 8, 2009

Statements on Atonement

"We reason that the death of Jesus Christ was an actual substitution. A real transaction took place. "The sin of Adam did not make the condemnation of all men merely possible; it was the ground of their actual condemnation. So the righteousness of Christ did not make the salvation of men merely possible, it secured the actual salvation of those for whom He wrought." (Charles Hodge, pp. 551-552)

"The close connection between the atonement and the intercessory work of Christ furnishes us another argument for a limited atonement. The atonement and the intercession are simply two integral parts of His priestly work, of which the latter is based on the former in such a way that the two are, from the nature of the case, equally restricted as far as their objects are concerned." (Louis Berkof, Vicarious Atonement Through Christ, p. 160).

"Christ neither prays for it (the world outside of Christ), nor dies for it." (Matthew Henry, Comm., Vol. V, p. 1154)

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