Feb 4, 2009

Campbellism & Expository Preaching

About 1837 an article was in "The Baptist Banner," edited by John Waller, by Brother Beebee, in opposition to Alexander Campbell and the divisions he was causing among Baptists in Kentucky and elsewhere. One of the charges Beebee brought against Campbell and his "Reformers," was that they promoted "expository preaching," over against the traditional, historic, and Baptistic method of "textual preaching." Beebee defended the traditional manner of preaching, the same style Spurgeon and the other great evangelistic Baptist preachers used.

I find it ironic and odd that today's Baptist' "Reformers" who are promoting "expositional preaching," and decrying the "topical" or "textual" style, are promoting what the founders of Campbellism promoted!

"A great noise was made by Mr. C. against preaching from a single verse, or parts of verse of scripture, at one time; as though it made any difference whether a minister or brother spoke from one, or twenty, or fifty, so lie (sic) spoke "according lo the oracles of God." "If any man speak," says the Apostle, "let him speak as the oracles of God;" and expository preaching is no better than textuary preaching, if it be not according to the sacred oracles. Does Alexander Campbell never address assemblies from one or two passages of scripture? We have no doubt he does." (THE MILLENNIAL HARBINGER: NUMBER IV. - VOLUME I. Bethany, Va. April, 1837)

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