Feb 18, 2009

Old Hardshell Publication

I have been studying the history of the "Primitive" or "Hardshell" Baptists for many years and I am always discovering something new historically about this group. I have recently discovered the existence of a number of old Hardshell or "Old School" periodicals of the early 19th century, ones that I never heard of till recently. One such paper is the "Christian Doctrinal Advocate and Spiritual Monitor" edited by Daniel E. Jewett and published from New York. This periodical seems to have been started in the mid 1830's and contains articles from several historic figures in the "anti-mission movement."

You can check out this old periodical at this web site:


I have also discovered the writings of a person who led the "Regular Baptist" charge against the Campbellites, and Alexander Campbell himself, publishing pamphlets against him in Pittsburgh, and also published writings against the same things the Hardshells were decrying, such as mission cooperation, seminaries, etc. His name was Elder Lawrence Greatrake, a fellow member with the infamous Signey Rigdon of Mormon lore and fame. You can check out some of his writings at this web page:


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