Feb 3, 2009

Upcoming Posts

I have been doing lots of reading, study and research. As a result, I hope to soon post my next chapter in my book on the "Hardshell Baptist Cult," in the series "Hardshell Proof Texts," wherein I deal with the argumentation that Hardshells, and other Hyper Calvinists, use to prove their "born again before faith" error based upon the assumption of the Calvinistic doctrine of "total depravity."

Does a belief in "total depravity" logically necessitate that one also embrace the belief that regeneration occurs apart from the means of the gospel and faith? That is the crux question which this chapter will address.

Do the leading passages on total depravity, which are cited by the Hyper Calvinists, prove that men are regenerated before and apart from the gospel and faith? Passages such as Romans 8: 6-8, I Cor. 2: 14, etc.?

I will also be posting some additional material on Elders John M. Watson and Washington Lowe, of the famed "Old Baptist Banner" newspaper, wherein they battled with the Missionary Baptists, with men such as Dr. Howell, and with Dr. Graves, and with Missionary periodicals as "The Baptist," and "The Baptist Banner," etc.

I will also be posting more writings on historic "Hardshell Slayers," men who first battled Hardshellism in the early 19th century, men like Dr. Peck, and Mercer, Howell, etc.

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