Feb 21, 2009

Spurgeon on "Reformers"

In Phil Johnson's weekly citation from Spurgeon, I found these words of Spurgeon quite interesting in light of all the "reform" movements and "reformers" that have been begun among Baptists, both historically and in the present. Does any of Spurgeon's words apply to today's leaders of the "Reformed Movement" being promoted by Tom Ascol and the Founders Movement?

Spurgeon said:

"We refuse to bear responsibilities which do not belong to us, for our real responsibilities are more than enough. Certain wise brethren are hot to reform their denomination. They ride out gallantly. Success be to the champions! They are generally wiser when they ride home again.

I confess great admiration for my Quixotic brethren, but I wish they had more to show for their valor. I fear that both church and world are beyond us; we must be content with smaller spheres. Even our own denomination must go its own way. We are only responsible so far as our power goes, and it will be wise to use that power for some object well within reach. For the rest, let us not worry and weary about things beyond our line."

See here

Good advice for today's aspiring "reformers"!

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