Aug 19, 2009

Case of Cornelius

One thing is clear, Cornelius received the Holy Ghost when he believed the gospel and before his baptism in water. This never was disputed by John in the debate.

I showed that Cornelius had already heard the word prior to Peter preaching to him. That is, Cornelius had heard second hand the gospel message (Acts 10: 37 - "that word you know").

I showed that it did not take but a few words from the mouth of Peter to bring Cornelius to believe the message he had heard the reports about. Thus Peter says - "as I began to speak the Holy Ghost fell upon them." (Acts 11: 15) It was not said - "as I began to baptize them."

Cornelius was like Saul who also received the Holy Spirit when he believed, and before he was baptized in water. (Acts 9: 17, 18)

I showed also how one could not make this reception of the Spirit to be a non-salvation experience that wicked men, like the false prophet Baalim, experienced. The testimony of Peter was that Cornelius received the Spirit in the same manner as he and the Pentecostal believers had experienced.

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