Aug 5, 2009

Haykin on Keach

Michael Haykin wrote:

"When Keach defined Conversion he included what he had already said about Regeneration and thus appears to blur the distinction between the two terms."

"...Keach failing to observe a clear distinction between the two terms..."

Haykin, being a Hyperist in making regeneration and conversion to be two separate and distinct experiences, is reluctant to admit that the great Baptist theologian, Benjamin Keach, did not so separate and distinguish them.

Haykin cites these words of Keach:

"Do we not all preach to all out of Christ as unto ungodly ones, to such that are under Wrath and Condemnation in their own Persons, and so remain until they believe or have Union with Christ."

See here

Notice that Keach affirms that a man is ungodly and under wrath and condemnation "UNTIL they believe." Keach also clearly believes that faith in Christ inaugurates union with Christ. Clearly Keach did not believe in regeneration before faith and conversion.

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