Aug 20, 2009

Work Schedule

Due to my recent debate on the purpose of water baptism with John Gentry of the Galena, Indiana "Church of Christ," I was forced to interrupt my regular writings and research to prepare for the debate. I still have another debate being planned, possibly in November, in Galena, for two nights, with John, on the question of whether true believers may lose salvation. I will have to devote some time to this debate also.

Presently I have several books partially written. These are:

1. The "Hardshell Baptist Cult" (see link) wherein I have published 89 chapters. I have plans to write at least another fifty chapters before it is concluded.

2. "Theology of Job" (see link) wherein I have published 5 chapters and plan to have about 24 chapters.

3. "The Ordo Salutis Debate" (see link) where I have no chapters published as yet but much material collected and some chapters in draft form.

4. "My Daily Bread" (see link) where I have a bible study lesson for each day of the year. I have plans to make both a "morning and evening" lesson and re-edit.

5. "The Second Coming" (see link) where I present my views on this subject. I have numerous sections already written but still have much to add and re-edit. I will be showing how the "pre-tribulation rapture" theory is novel and unscriptural.

It is my intention to work hard on these books in the months ahead. For this reason my postings in the "Gadfly" may be greatly lessoned.

I still have plans to write upon the Old and New Covenants under title of "New Wine in Old Bottles?" I plan to show how the New Testament Church has brought in parts of the law of Moses and Old Covenant into the New Covenant Church, such as keeping Sabbath laws, tithing laws, etc., thereby mixing law and grace, or putting old wine in new bottles, or vice versa. I also plan to address how sinners were saved before the death of Christ and how they could be saved by the New Covenant even before it came into "force." I will refute the Scofield idea that no one was born again till after the death of Christ. I will also deal with the place of John the Baptist, respecting the New and Old Covenants, and whether his baptism was Christian.

I also have plans to write a book against the "Heresies of Campbellism." I will cover their idea of baptismal salvation, of "word alone" regeneration, and their Pelagianism.

With all these writing projects, I hardly have time for anything else. Yet, I am back heavily into my Greek studies. Also, John Gentry is talking to me about a four night debate, next year, on the origins of the Baptist versus the Campbellite church. He wants the proposition to be the same as it was between my dad and Thomas Thrasher that read - "the church of which I am a member is scriptural in origin, doctrine, and practice." I believe this is too broad and will be looking at other propositions.

Keep us in your prayers as I work on these projects.


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