Aug 15, 2009

Debate Review

I have completed my two night debate with John Gentry of the "Church of Christ" of Galena, Indiana here in Monroe. I will be publishing some reviews of the debate over the next few days. Some have requested that I publish some of my debate notes here. I plan to do this also.

I enjoyed the debate. I plan to post soon our next planned two night debate on "eternal security," probably in November, at the church John pastors in Galena.

Thanks for all those who have e-mailed me with prayer and emotional support.



The Seeking Disciple said...

Looking forward to hearing more about these debates. I hope you will also give us some bits of the arguments the other brother made about baptism.

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Seeking:

Thanks. I hope to post soon how a person can get a video (free) of the debate.