Aug 30, 2009

Esther 9: 1 Postscript

First of all, the "Jew" who "got the mastery" over the Persians was the rebel, disobedient, secular, worldly Jew, represented by Esther and Mordecai, who did not return from the exile with the godly and faithful "Jew," to Jerusalem, per the words of the prophets. Their obtaining this small victory over a Persian anti-Semitic conspiracy, was not by some miraculous intervention by God, but by the political machinations of Mordecai. His "mastery" was to exact unjust cruelty on his enemies. His political mastery came by intrigue, cunning craftiness, deceit, and worldly means. He represents Apostate Jewry, secular Judaism, the kind associated with godless, money and power hungry Jews. In the feast of Purim today (which is not an ordained feast of God) we see the non-religious nature of the feast, the carnival atmosphere, and intemperance, and the "we are superior" attitude that prevails in the participants during the reading of Esther, during Purim, and is thus quite unlike the ordained feasts of God as given by Moses.


Russ said...

Stephen is tragically irrational in his absurd self-righteousness (contradicting and violating Romans 2 & 1 John 1:10) in pretending to make a case for Esther and Mordecai as the "rebel, disobedient, secular, or worldly Jew" since we weren't there and don't know of their actual thoughts or actions concerning the return from exile, thereby in no way being able to make a case against them without witnesses, just facile speculation. Since Esther is GOD's Word, I'll take that any day over man's any day, especially such pathetic, idle speculation.
For the few who take God and HIs Word seriously, David Mathis's Biblical observations of the matter to which Stephen vainly attempted a refutation/reply )at
are Biblically substantial and truly edifying in contrast.

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Russ:

"Since Esther is God's Word"? Where did you prove that? I cited John 5: 39 where Jesus defined scripture by its Messianic content. Where have you or Mathis shown that Esther "points to Jesus"?

Your ad hominem remarks are not worth responding to.



Brian said...


you said "Your ad hominem remarks are not worth responding to." but by saying that you did respond.

Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Brian:

I suppose it is all in how we define the word "respond."