Dec 2, 2008

Grudem on Infant Regeneration

Wayne Grudem wrote:

"God is able to save infants in an unusual way, apart from their hearing and understanding the Gospel, by bringing regeneration to them very early, sometimes even before birth. This regeneration is probably (not always? - SG) also followed at once by a nascent, intuitive awareness of God (is this an evidence of "regeneration"? - SG) and trust in him at an extremely early age, but this is something we simply cannot understand."

(Grudem, Wayne Systematic Theology - Zondervan Publishing and Inter-Varsity Press Grand Rapids, MI 1994 p.499)

Phil Johnson's definition of Hyper Calvinism included those who believe men are saved apart from the gospel and faith in it (See my previous post). Would then Grudem not qualify as one? At least in the case of many infants, even of those who do not die in infancy?

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