Dec 3, 2008

Logical Rule on Means

"Faith itself is ascribed to the word as well as regeneration: for "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God:" but if we say faith cometh by the word believed, that is the same as saying that it cometh by itself. Mr. M. (McLean) has no idea of the word having any influence but as it is believed; yet he tells us that faith is the effect of the regenerating influence of the spirit and word of God."

"But if faith be the effect of the word believed, it must be the effect of itself. The truth is, the word may operate as an inducement to believe, as well as a stimulus to a new life when it is believed."

"That which is necessary in order to understanding and believing the word, cannot be by means of understanding and believing it."

(Alexander Campbell in his argumentation against the Hyper Calvinist view that denied the use of means in regeneration, or affirmed that regeneration occurred prior to faith)

see here

If one affirms that one must be born again before he can believe the gospel, then he cannot consistently affirm that the gospel is a means in being born again.

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