Dec 13, 2008

Tripartite Torah?

I have previously posted some writings of Alexander Campbell, with comments of my own, on the subject of "the law" and on the question as to whether the law has been abolished, in whole or in part.

See here

And here

And here

I have previously expressed my agreement with Campbell on his opposition to an invention of the school men, to their creation of a tripartite division of the law or Torah.

This tripartite division of "the law" is generally associated with what is called "Reformed theology," but was ironically first formally introduced by the Catholic medieval theologian, Thomas Aquinas.

I have had some interaction with blogger, Turretinfan, see here, on this and have promised to address this question/topic, with its ramifications, in upcoming posts.

But, for an excellent series of articles on this topic, one with which I can endorse almost 100%, as an excellent primer and introduction to a deeper study of the topic, visit this page here.

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